Our Horses

The Most Important Members of our Team!





Sheen aka "Precious Lambchop Clements" started with the program in 2012. He is an Arabian cross gelding with his colour known as a “Flee Bitten Grey”. Prior to his joining the program he was an event and lesson horse. Sheen is bouncy and fun and well loved by all who know him. Sheen has retired as of July 2019 and is now living in the lap of luxury with his forever person, our longtime volunteer, Pam. Congratulations to you both, we wish you many fun filled days together! 


Syrus is a Registered Canadian gelding.  He is a stocky 15.1 hands high and black in colour. "Sy Guy" joined the program in 2014. Syrus has an energetic and playful personality and is ready for anything.


Proudly Sponsored by the IODE, Carleton Place

Jenny is a Registered American Paint Quarter Horse cross and joined the riding program in 2015.  She is a sweet, beautiful chestnut mare standing at 15.2 hh and we are looking forward to her providing gentle service to our riders for several years to come.



Madonna "Madge" arrived for our 2018 Spring session. She has taught many a beginner during her time as a lesson horse and comes to us from the generosity of our new program location. She hopped into her new job like a pro and enjoys meeting new people that love to pamper her.

Mary's Prince

Mary’s Prince "Prince" came to the program in 2014 as a result of a generous bequest from the estate of Mary Hugessen.  Mary’s daughter said her mother always wanted a horse named after her but the horses that were in consideration for purchase were all geldings!  So…as it would be awkward to call a gelding Mary, he became Mary’s Prince.   He is a beautiful chestnut with a smooth gait and a very sweet and gentle temperament.


Proudly Sponsored by Almonte Community Co-ordinators 'the Hub'

Kennie is a Registered Canadian gelding. He joined the program in 2015 and has become a real favourite with both riders and volunteers! Kennie is also our resident driving horse for our pilot driving program that began in 2017.